Mipacha 2

Mipacha Shoes

Mipacha 2

I recently bought a pair of shoes that I must share with the world. Mipacha Shoes caught my eye the minute I saw them on the inter-webz. When I went to their website, I was almost bummed to find out that they were from Peru and are not carried at many storesĀ in the United States. BUT, once I read what this shoe company stood for, I was absolutely sold on making my first overseas purchase.

These high-quality kicks are made by local craftsmen in Peru with such vibrant textiles that symbolize the Peruvian culture. What sold me though, was that these shoes were 100% fair-trade and 10% of Mipacha’s profits are used to support the communities and people of Cuzco, Peru.


I waited ever so patiently to receive my Mipachas coming from Peru all the way to my small city of Philadelphia. I ordered the Low-Top Bajo LLama Blanco pair, and have been in love since I opened the box. And guess what? They are some of the most comfiest bad boys to touch my feet.

Mipacha es su pacha. Just kidding, that doesn’t even translate.. but seriously, buy yourself a pair!

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