6 Crazy Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

I don’t know about you, but I unfollow people on Instagram almost every day. And then there are some accounts that I just cannot get enough of. I enjoy them so much that I need to share some with you.

Below, I have given a quick sneak-peek at who you SHOULD be following if you’re into food, or if you’re like me and just enjoy creatively designed things.

…….Nothing like that one person who posts pictures of their [most likely terrible] plate of dinner.



Absolutely hilarious pictures of simple foods with pop-culture references.

talkingfood photo 3 photo photo 1



This one is my favorite. I don’t think I need to explain. Just.. WHOA. The way Tisha creates famous artists with food so incredibly detailed is astonishing.

unnamed-1  unnamed-3  unnamed-4  unnamed-5



Seattle-based Brittany Wright makes art out of food that is very minimal yet colorfully pleasing to the eye. The best part is, she sells her prints so that you can have visually-enticing food images hanging in your kitchen if you want! I mean, have you ever seen burnt toast look so good?

unnamed-3  unnamed-1  unnamed-2  unnamed



Julie Lee makes a collage of pretty organized ingredients. I really do not know how she does it, it’s almost like she takes an hour to do each, or maybe it’s just photoshop. I don’t care – To my eye, it is magic.

unnamed-1  unnamed-2  unnamed-3  unnamed



Any kid will eat their fruits and veggies if the food on the plate is sculptured like these ones. Berlin-based Ida Skivenes has a book of her food art and an awesome blog to check out for more awesomeness like these ones.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2  unnamed-3  unnamed



Another one that makes things as simple as rice look amazing. Samantha Lee tells a great story with her food made for kids.

unnamed-4  unnamed-5  unnamed-6  unnamed-7


That’s all folks, enjoy your new Instagram feed thanks to me, and please share if you have any other ones!


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