In the City of Brotherly Love, it’s not often that you find other bloggers. I’m not sure why, but the stereotype seems to be that typically, bloggers only belong in NYC and LA. Is it because those areas of the country contain superficial and high-maintenance people? I’ll never understand it, but being a blogger in Philadelphia means way more to me. I can inspire a small community-based market, and show them how to be creative – rather than showing them what expensive brand jeans I’m wearing.

When I discovered Jordyn Shaffer (on Instagram might I add), we were both compelled to meet each other and share our experience as Philly bloggers. We completely hit it off because we we’re both open-minded and willing to just “shoot the shit.” We didn’t care what brands other people blogged about, or what made bloggers popular. We genuinely wanted to know about each other, what our interests were, and how we could work together to inspire other people from our own city.

I teamed up with Jordyn Shaffer from Jordyn’s Fashion Formula to bring you this post, and many more in the future.  She’s a little Audrey Hepburn meets Winona Ryder and I’m a little Emma Stone gone Sporty Spice.

We may have different styles but we do have the same perspective on this: You don’t need to look like your from New York or LA to be stylish, and you don’t need to buy expensive things to look good.


Photography by Dan Druf


sitting 2

sitting 1


solo looking away

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looking away

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