My Favorite Place in Philadelphia

I am sadly leaving Philadelphia soon, and it has done nothing but inspire me and help me grow these last 6 years of living here. The city has it’s ups and downs, but it truly is beautiful inside and out; from every person you meet to every place you discover.

For this post, I wanted to share my favorite place in Philadelphia (that isn’t a restaurant), just outside the hustle and bustle of Center City.

Shofuso Japanese House + Fairmount Park Horticulture Center.


If you ever need a bit of self-renewal, or to simply take a walk and reconnect with nature, this is the spot. Acres of land in Fairmount Park that hold the Horticulture Center, Shofuso Japanese House, nature walks, and plenty of bike trails!

All Photography by Samantha Tess 


The Shofuso Japanese house is unbelievable, and most people in Philadelphia don’t even know it exists – shame on them. You can pay the $7 and go in for a tour, feed the Koi fish, and learn about why this piece of Japanese culture even sits on Philadelphia land in the first place (it’s a very interesting story), I highly recommend going inside. BUT, if you don’t want to pay the $7, you can sit and have a bit of relaxing meditation time on a quiet railing that overlooks the historic and architectural project – that view is seen in the photos here.


And then there’s my favorite-soon-to-be-future-wedding-venue, the Horticulture Center. I don’t mean to be a sap, but it is truly breathtaking. An indoor and outdoor greenhouse and garden space with  plants that stand so tall. This venue can shockingly hold up to 1,200 people – perfect for my wedding one day (wink).

If you ever want to visit the center, it is a non-profit and open to the public for FREE 9AM-3PM every day unless there is an event being held.



Thank you to my #1 fan, friend, photographer, and mentee – Samantha Tess for this new gem!








And of course, Zoey thoroughly enjoyed all of the land to run around on. 

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  • Amanda

    Thank you for this little Philly love letter. I’ve also lived in this great city for six years and I’m just realizing now how little of it I’ve explored over the years. I’m excited to add this to the list of places to go roam. 🙂

    I’m sorry you’re leaving Philly but I wish you well on your new adventure.

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