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Calm down everyone, I have been trying lots of cocktail recipes to showcase this Fall. My first attempt was a pumpkin-spiced-rye drink, but that somehow turned into this Spiced Rye Chai instead. Chai is a very unique thing to mix as a cocktail, but what’s great is on brisk cold nights, you can have this cocktail warm instead.


I tried Templeton Rye Whiskey for the first time, and boy does it have a bite to it. I knew I needed to mix it with something a bit more complex. I found Chai mix at the grocery store (pre-made), and I knew the bite in the rye with the spice in the chai would have great chemistry together.


This cocktail is very simple. Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker on ice and shake it about 30-40 times. When strained over ice in a glass, it will have a very frothy texture, and feel like you’re drinking a milk-shake. On a cold night, combine these ingredients in a warm pot on very low heat for just a few minutes.


Enjoy the taste of Fall with this Spiced Rye Chai, and thanks to my boyfriend for modeling this dapper bowtie from Weybridge 1761!





1 Oz (shot) of Rye Whiskey (Templeton used here for an extra kick)

3 oz of Chai Mix (you can grab at a grocery store pre-made)

1/2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice (in the spice aisle)

1 tsp of brown sugar

Brown Sugar + Cinnamon Mix to top it off


Combine all ingredients together, shake 30-40 times in a cocktail shaker

Strain in a glass over ice.

Top with brown sugar and cinnamon mix

Rye: Templeton Rye Whiskey | Bowtie: Weybridge 1761 



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