Coffee Shop Chronicles: Denver, CO

The best way to get to know a city on a budget is going to their coffee shops. I’m not talking about Starbucks, I mean local + independent coffee shops. These coffee shops are small businesses that truly show the spunk of every city. They capture the locals with their character, and there is a character-type for everyone.

I just moved to Denver a couple months ago, so every weekend I’ve been trying out a new coffee shop. Each one has it’s own “thing,” so I cannot compare one to the other. Today I’m highlighting some of the most unique ones that stood out to me since being here.

1. Black Eye Coffee

Black Eye Coffee (Capitol Hill + LoHi areas) – Maybe I’m biased since this place is near my house, but Black Eye Coffee (either location) is a must-go. Their modern-chic decor gives off such “luxury-cool” vibes. With quotes of Charles Bukowski on the wall, to COFFEE being spelled out in their tiles, they truly catch you right when you walk in. What I love about this place though is that their menu is simple, unique, and delicious – so if you are looking to go have breakfast somewhere, every plate here is worth it. Great coffee, great decor, great food. And did I mention they serve finely-crafted cocktails by dusk as well?

2. Corvus Coffee & Co.

Corvus Coffee (South Broadway/South Pearl area)-  This place is high on my list because of their amazing lattes and careful attention to detail when it comes to their coffee. Corvus works very closely with farmers (in a great sustainable way) to ensure their roasts are fresh, tasteful and bold every day. I had a Vanilla Latte and was blown away, and I particularly loved their big warehouse-type space.. great for conversation, groups, or doing work. If you’re visiting Denver and head down to South Pearl Street, be sure to take a stop around the corner at this place, they have outdoors seating too!

3. Lula Rose General Store

Lula Rose General Store (Colfax) – Lula Rose is a cute coffee shop that’s old-fashioned; Simple, small and delightful. They source coffee from most of the local roasters in town and those are always rotating. This place used to be a flower shop, and the owner has done a great job at keeping that classic “neighborhood shop” feel. Don’t expect to go in here to do work, or eat food – it’s perfect for what it is – stopping for coffee and conversing with your neighbors and new friends.

4. Denver Bicycle Cafe

Denver Bicycle Cafe (Uptown) – I’m from Philadelphia, where we appreciate a great hipster coffee shop. Denver Bicycle Cafe felt like just that; It was unique and welcoming. While one side of the cafe is very modern and great for sit-down coffee or food, the other side of the coffee bar allows you to bring your bike and get a tune-up while you’re at it! I can’t forget to mention, they serve beer too. Coffee, bikes, and beer, these guys know what they’re doing.

5. Bellwether

Bellwether (E. Colfax area) – Coffee for the badass, enough said. This coffee shop + fashion store allows you to add whiskey to your coffee if that’s how you’re feeling.

Other (just as great!) coffee shops in Denver: 

Some of these I have yet to try!
Amethyst Coffee Co.,

Any other coffee shops I should try here in Denver?
Feel free to tell me about your favorite cafes in YOUR city t

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