Smoky Tequila Old-Fashioned

Number 4 of my six-part series with Altos Tequila. This time, we’ve got something new: Anejo, which is their smokier version, made from cooked agave and aged for 18 months! This tequila is damn good, I love a good smoky taste to libations – therefore I had to put it to good use.

Ever had a Tequila-Old Fashioned? Most of you will say that sounds crazy, but don’t knock it ’til you try it. Tequila and/or Mezcal Old-Fashioneds give a smoky flavor to the cocktail that will make this your go-to drink. 

INGREDIENTS (Makes 1 cocktail)

1 oz Gold/Darker Tequila (not silver), I’m using Olmeca Altos Anejo

1 tsp agave/honey

3 dashes of any aromatic bitters

2 Cherries and/or 2 slices of oranges (OR BOTH!)

1 tbsp of simple syrup



1. In a tall glass, muddle the agave, orange slices and/or cherries. Muddle it real good, if you don’t have a “muddler,” just use the other-side of a wooden spoon, works like a charm.

2. Add tequila and simple syrup, and 3 dashes of bitters.

3. STIR, DON’T SHAKE! Stir for 1 whole minute. The longer the better. Ever order an old-fashioned at a cocktail-bar and watch how carefully + timely the bartender makes it? The stirring goes a long way for a good aromatic + smoky taste.

4. Add to glass over ice, or straight, and garnish with fruits or herbs of your choice. I used Mint because I picked it from my garden.


Fun Fact: Altos Anejo is their newest product to the crew. It has a well-balanced and rounded aroma taste, with a presence of sweet, cooked agave that is enhanced by notes of dried fruit and almonds, aged for 18 months!

Check out more cocktails using Olmeca Altos here.

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