Keeping Summer Alive

It’s officially the end of September, a time when depression kicks in, and you have lots of FOMO to all of the things you didn’t accomplish before Summer ended.

I refuse to live with FOMO, so I organized a party to keep Summer vibes alive with some great company.

There is an art to entertaining. From perfecting your recipes, to crafting the perfect cocktail that all will enjoy (and perfecting the art of avoiding those boring guests).

With the help of Altos Tequila, I was able to craft a cucumber-mint margarita that was crisp and refreshing enough for everyone to love. And of course, what else would I pair a margarita with other than tacos?

Summer isn’t over in my eyes.


Cucumber Mint Margarita:
(makes 4-5)
2-3 parts Altos Tequila – Plata (silver) 
2-3 Cucumbers
Bunch of Mint
1/4 cup Lime Juice
1/4 cup Water
Simple Syrup (water and sugar boiled/condensed)


  1. Chop up cucumbers, and throw in a blender with your mint, equal parts splashes of lime juice and water.
  2. Blend up (you can add ice in the blender if you wish, I went without ice + added ice later)
  3. Add to the mixture of simple syrup.
  4. This is your cocktail mix that you can store until your guests come over (Entertaining tip #1, make the batches of mix before hand, add the tequila later) .
  5. Add ice to a cup, 1 oz of Olmeca Altos Tequila, and your cocktail mix over top. Garnish with mint or a cucumber.


Tacos in the photo:
Diced Red onions
Chopped Cilantro
Shaved Radishes


    1. Cook Chorizo, and heat up your tortillas.
    2. Top with onions, radishes, and cilantro.
    3. Squeeze fresh lime over top and you can’t go wrong with this easy taco recipe.












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