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A place for creatives, business-professionals, tourists, hipsters, entrepreneurs, artists, anyone. Hudson Hill offers the comfortable atmosphere and pleasant hospitality to all people of Denver as it sits in the heart of Capitol Hill. With it’s inviting design and friendly staff, you’ll feel welcome in this coffee/cocktail bar no matter who you are.

Hudson Hill is a coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night, which is really unique considering there aren’t many of those in Denver. Being from the East Coast, this concept immediately struck me as “So NYC, but minus the pretentiousness.” The employees match the setting, it’s like you couldn’t imagine better people behind the bar. The interior design is out of a Pinterest board, and an added plus – a different vinyl is played every day on the record player.

I’ve been to hundreds of cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. around the country. Something that stands out to me at any place is customer-experience and authenticity. Hudson Hill fits that criteria; they’re not here to do what the next guy is doing, the staff cares about you and your experience when you’re sippin’ under their roof.

I wouldn’t be the Whiskey Gypsy if I didn’t talk about the cocktails, right? They’re unbelievable. When you look at their cocktail-lineup you will likely think, ‘Mixing that with that, are you sure that’s going to taste good?’ Jake Soffes, the owner + principal of Hudson Hill, finely crafted the cocktail menu to fit any booze-lovers’ preference.

I did a Q & A with Jake, to hear the story behind Hudson Hill and find out why The Green Hour cocktail tastes so good.

PRO TIP: If you find yourself here in the evening, order the grilled cheese. 





Jake and Daniella




1) What made you start Hudson Hill?

From a young age I have always had an affinity for bars & restaurants which subsequently led to a career in hospitality. When I moved to Denver 3 years ago the bar scene was primarily dive bars and sports bars…if you wanted a nice cocktail/atmosphere you had to go to a restaurant which really was not my scene. I wanted to create an intimate and comfortable neighborhood place with great wine and cocktails to enjoy time with friends and family.

2) Where does the name come from?

Hudson Hill references two homes. Hudson, being New York and Hill for Capitol Hill. It also says what we do…being an NYC bar in Capitol Hill.

3) The decor of Hudson Hill is super eclectic, I’m curious where you drew your inspiration from for the space?

I wanted the guest experience of Hudson to be that of spending time in a comfortable, well appointed living room yet be clean and functional for busy coffee and bar services. The palette has a lot of light colored organic materials and plants to give that bright coffee shop vibe which is offset by the large format wood slabs the bar is made from and vintage automotive photography to anchor the feel of the space. It didn’t hurt having 110 year old brick and rafters to inspire the aesthetic.

4) What’s your favorite cocktail on the menu?

The Green Hour is probably my favorite as it is an unlikely combination of ingredients (Tequila, Coconut Milk, Dry Curacao, Lime, Creme de Menthe and Nutmeg) that taste absolutely delicious together. It is a really fun cocktail to substitute the base spirit for a Mezcal or Rum or the Creme de Menthe for an aperitif or amaro and reinvent the profile of the drink.


5) What do you think differentiates Hudson Hill from other bars/places in Denver? 

I think the experience we offer at Hudson is second to none in Denver. It is an attractive, comfortable space with great drinks, food and music that is just a pleasure to spend time in. We also have an amazing staff that are extremely personable and genuinely love what they do which makes all the difference.

6) If you could have one super-power (aside from your super-power of cocktail-creation), what would it be? 

Teleportation. It would make getting to work and taking vacations a lot easier.







Hudson Hill’s website // Location: 13th + Pearl, Capitol Hill
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