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I don’t promote clothes on my blog unless for a damn good reason, and I’ve got one today. I recently met Kris Cody, a Maine-boy who took a gap-year after college to travel South America. During his travels, he stumbled upon female artisans in Cusco, Peru, who were putting such passion and detail into their crafts. That passion he stumbled upon, became the basis for a new business.

Kris told me his story about how he saw these women creating clothing out of genuine alpaca wool, with such care and sustainability. Kris wanted to empower these female makers and bring the appreciation of Peruvian alpaca products to the states. And so, PAKA Sweaters was born.

THE COLORS: The soft alpaca wool is dyed with natural ingredients, such as “Tara” (a thorny bush native to Peru) for this distinct indigo blue sweater specifically. For red hues, they use Cochineal – which is a red parasite that grows on prickly pear cacti.

THE DESIGN: The designs on the sweaters reflect the culture of the woman in Cusco dating back to the Inca. Some designs symbolize spirituality, some symbolize their history.

THE WOMEN/ARTISANS: PAKA Apparel is aiming to create a standard above just fair-trade. They are enabling these artisans to keep creating such conscious products while simultaneously creating a market in the United States.

Every sweater from PAKA Apparel generates three days worth of income for the female artisans and their families.







Location: Pacific Coast Highway, California. 


Below: Modeled on my boyfriend to show the perfect Unisex fitting.



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