A Cinco de Mayo Picnic


I don’t think we need an excuse to have tacos and margaritas on any given day, but the fact that Cinco de Mayo exists doesn’t hurt, it gives us a reason to share.

In collaboration with Altos Tequila, I wanted to give my friends a taste of authenticity this Cinco de Mayo at my place, and skip the bar scene. Nobody likes an overly-sweetened margarita anyways.

Holidays that center around food + cocktails are fun, except when you are the entertainer, you must keep it easy + stress-free.   When it comes to prepping for multiple guests, I’ve figured out most efficient ways to do things without ripping your hair out. I’m going to share some of my tips with you!

On the menu:
DIY Taco Bar
Strawberry Ginger Margaritas. 




Tip #1: Do things DIY Style. It’s easier to make things a la carte because it saves you time, and your friends can create their meal how they want. An added plus: It accommodates vegetarians, vegans, and meatatarians!  I had a DIY Taco bar for my friends, and put together about 6 pre-dressed tacos for presentation!


Tip #2: Pre-make your primary and more complex ingredients. For example, for margaritas I had strawberry puree made up and chilled the night before. All I had to do was add Altos Tequila + mixers. For the tacos, the delicious topping of homemade corn salsa was also made the night before. Making the primary ingredients ahead of time also allows you to perfect the best part of your meal and prevents emergencies!


Tip #3: Add texture + dimension to your table. Use two different table clothes for fun color and presentation. Place things on cutting boards and serving trays higher up, this also helps keep things together.


Tip #4: Finger Food is your friend. And people love finger foods. Tacos are great because it saves you the hassle of having so many plastic utensils (saves money + the environment!).



Strawberry Ginger Margarita:

1 (700mL) bottle Altos Tequila (Reposado or Plata)
Strawberry Puree (1 case of strawberries + water + sugar blended)
Ginger Beer
Lime Juice
Ginger Beer
Mint for garnish


To make this cocktail prep for guests as efficient and fast as possible (I have perfected this), follow the below..

  1. Make the strawberry puree ahead of time before guests arrive. Throw in a container or small pourer.
  2. Have glasses out on a serving table. Fill with ice + tequila first.
  3. Give a splash of that strawberry puree to each. About 1 tbsp to each cup.
  4. 1 splash of Lime juice and then top the rest with Ginger beer. The Ginger Beer fizzes up the drink and provides for a refreshing first sip.
  5. Garnish. If you have the primary + best mixer of the drink (the strawberry puree in this case) prepared in the beginning, it speeds up the process of serving up multiple cocktails in a row. Take it from the bartender of 5 years, eh?



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