A Note to My Readers

To my WhiskeyGypsy fans + readers:

Thank you so much for staying up to date with me, and loving every piece of content I put out there. I started this blog in August of 2014, and since that day I have received so much love from so many people.

This blog allowed me to meet incredible people, try new things, and explore new opportunities that I never could have imagined.

If you are an avid fan of The Whiskey Gypsy, you may have noticed that lately I have not been posting, I am sorry. I’d like to tell you why:

New Challenges and New Ventures

Ever since I was in college I took advantage of this thing called the Internet; I was always starting websites just like this blog, trying to grow random internet companies, always working to innovate something that people loved + used in their every day lives. Unfortunately, none of those ever made any money, so I put my “internet” hobbies to the side so that I could join a company and learn more to grow my career.

The beginning of this year, January 2017 to be exact, I noticed something in my life was missing. I was driving to work and felt like I still wasn’t fully fulfilled in my spare time. I made the choice to start something new, something that challenged my skills further, and enlightened my passion for building things from scratch.

One night in January, I met up with an old friend, John. I always knew John was incredibly smart, so much smarter than me that I was inspired by his intelligence + motivation. Over drinks that night, I thought, ‘Whoa, this guy is a person I need to keep around, and work with in some way.’ John is a data-scientist, and he was actually looking for something creative to push his technical skills to the next level.

John had this idea for a better way to get all of his friends to games, because he always noticed how hard it was to get his old college buddies to a game at their Alma Mater. No one ever wanted to organize it, and no one wanted to front the money for everyone simply so that they could all sit together at a CU Boulder Football game. I thought, this really is a big problem, not just for college friends, but for sports fans all around the world.

It was then and there that we decided to start something together. I had the creative drive + digital skills and he had the data-science and technical background.

In 3 short months we created TixTogether, an easier way to get a group of friends to a game. One person starts the group and sends out a link. With that link, everyone can pay for their own ticket, and everyone can sit together on game day. Our technology automates the process for everyone, reducing the hassle + time it takes to get a group outing started.

This side project has kept me busy and pushes me to new challenges I’ve never experienced. While I will still share photos of my travel + occasional recipes on here, that is where I’ll be during most of my spare time.

A word of advice

Never stop learning. Never stop challenging yourself. Work for great companies and strive to learn from your leaders and your peers every day. Try something new on the side that stretches your mind in different ways. Nothing is permanent, don’t wait to make a change in your life that helps you grow personally, and professionally, at any given time. There is always more to do, and there is always more to learn. 

I hope you guys love it, and thanks for being awesome fans.

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  1. 1
    Maureen Potts

    Jess, I am sooo proud of you and your drive is something to be envied. You know I want your success to be many and your failures few. Although you just never seem to accept failure and therefore success clings to you. Best thoughts for you and John in your new endeavor. Miss you bunches. Love as always, Grandma

  2. 2
    Janet gangemi

    Jess, I am consistently impressed by your iniative and focus. Mr. G and I are proud to have you as a part of our family. Love you!

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