10 Small Things to Better Yourself in the New Year


As We Welcome 2018…

Everyone likes to make Resolutions in the New Year, but I don’t find those to be reasonable. Why? Because they are not always attainable. We have to be realistic with ourselves, and maybe just take small actionable steps toward these goals/resolutions. When we enter a new year, or even a new month, we forget about the small things that we can do to better ourselves, and the people around us.

Here are 10 simple things that don’t cost you anything, that could make you a better person in the new year. 

  1. Call your Mom more. Or Dad, or Grandma! Kind of obvious, right?
  2. Reach out and hangout with old friends more. Maybe you haven’t seen or talked to them in a while, just do it.
  3. Take 30 minutes out of each day to do something mindless, for your sanity.  No technology allowed  Take a walk outside, do yoga or an exercise at home, read a book, walk the dog, play a game with your kids, etc. We are always connected to technology or work or home-chores, that we forget to do these small important things that help us re-connect and recharge.
  4. Try to swear/curse less. Seriously, it’s a small thing that makes you more mature, more professional, and much more sophisticated. If you know me, you know I talk like a Sailor. I’m actively working at this and it’s definitely hard, but practice makes perfect.
  5. Set aside time to go outside. Depending on your daily or weekly schedule, get outside even if just for a walk or to read. Nature heels more than you think.
  6. Be present. Put down your phone when spending time with others, that means, your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, kids, family, and even strangers. Put down your phone even if that event or meeting is really boring. Be present and take in what’s around you. In our generation, we need more of this.
  7. Take care of your health. I know the new year makes everyone think about going to the gym or going on a diet, but being healthy doesn’t have to be that hard or that “forced.” Opt for an apple instead of that bag of chips for lunch, only have 2 beers instead of 4 when you go to the bar, take a walk each day to get your body moving. Cigarette smokers – maybe smoke 2 less cigarettes a day! It really could be so simple with small tweaks to your daily routine, and the more you do this, the better you get at taking care of your health.
  8.  Actively Listen in a conversation. When you have a conversation with someone, seriously listen to what they’re saying. Ask them questions to dive deeper, try and understand their perspective. Today, I think most of us are thinking about 10 other things when someone is talking to us, or we try and turn the conversation to be about ourselves. Change these habits in your communication, it’s important.
  9. Smile and Say Hello to Strangers. I’ve noticed a huge difference in this when I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast. People on the West are always saying hi or good morning to strangers when walking around or entering a store. The East Coast mentality is to hustle and be on your way, which I respect, but this small gesture doesn’t kill us. Everyone in the US could do more of this, especially in our day in age.
  10. Start a project for yourself. Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but you keep putting it off. You don’t have to say “I’m going to do this in the new year,” but maybe instead, work towards it. Start writing down all the things you’ll need, or all the things you’ll need to research. You don’t need to finish it. Just. Start. 
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