5 Indoor Plants Anyone can Take Care of.

On top of cleaning the air, plants can make a huge difference to your interior game in your home or apartment. Some people think they need to have a green-thumb to keep these things alive, or maybe they buy a plant and kill it within a month.

If you over-water, under-water, or stick to buying succulents because you feel they are the easiest – this post is for you.

My Top 4 secrets to keeping any house plant alive:

1. Only water once a week. Anything more is overbearing to the plant.
2. Stick your finger in the soil (1′ deep). If you feel no moisture at all, it’s time to water.
3. Invest in a spray bottle (you know, for like $3 at the hardware store) and spray your plants if you’re unsure if it’s time to water. This gives them moisture if there’s a lack of it in the air.
4. Don’t always put the plant in direct sunlight, it’s not always the answer!

5 Houseplants that are almost impossible to kill


snake plant
Snake Plant

#1: Sansevierias, popularly known as Snake Plants. There is a reason these are at #1, snake plants of all kinds are almost impossible to kill. They only need watering like, every 10 days. This is because they store water in their leaves, which helps them survive a while without water. It is also said that these plants can also grow in the darkest of rooms, if you have no good natural light!

Golden Pothos (multi-colored)

#2: Pothos. Pothos come in many different forms. They are the hanging plants that can grow their vines super long. Pothos are not picky, and will be happy wherever you place them in your home, with or without too much sunlight. You can water these once a week and they’ll be satisfied.

rubber plant
Rubber Plant

#3: Rubber Plant. Rubber trees provide for a great aesthetically pleasing plant in your home or apartment, with their dark jade-green color. These are also not too picky, but they become possessive where you place them, so try not to move this one around too much. Watering once a week is satisfactory.


#4. Spider Plant. These guys really like a well-lit area, so don’t buy unless you have adequate natural light in your home. Otherwise they are low-maintenance and require only weekly watering (notice a trend here?).


#5. Dieffenbachia. This multi-colored plant you might find in a lot of hotel lobbies or restaurants. It just wants filtered light, nothing crazy. Maybe near a window that has a curtain or shade, just never let it get direct sunlight! Watering once a week is, again, adequate.



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