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This Guy Serves Coffee Out of a VW Bug

What’s the weirdest coffee shop I’ve ever been to? Well, I didn’t go to it – it came to me, on wheels.


In Denver, parked at 16th and Wynkoop you can find a bright red 1968 Volkswagen beetle with a large white coffee mug sitting on top. Matthew Pendleton serves hand-poured coffee out of this Volkswagen, every morning to the workers of Downtown.

Matthew [Matt] started On the Road Coffee Bug in May 2016, as a side project while he too, was working downtown. He said the concept was inspired by a personal trip to Thailand, where he discovered the many ways people there served food as a form of expression. Matt took a piece of Thailand back with him to Denver and started a business. Matt no longer works his day-job downtown, and works as the single employee of On the Road Coffee Bug, full-time.

You can try his delicious Nitro Cold Brew, hot pour overs, and even tea, at his regular spot in the mornings near Union Station.

Follow Matt and his bug around Denver via his Instagram, @Ontheroadcoffeebug





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