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I’ve always been fascinated with the internet; How it collides culture and innovation while allowing us to express ourselves freely. I decided to create this lifestyle blog to express my creativity & inspire others in any way possible.

I love cooking, traveling, my dog Zoey, and trying new restaurants around the world.  As a former bartender of 5 years, I also make a pretty delicious cocktail.

I’d love to meet you and collaborate on really awesome things! 

Interested in working with me? Go here. 

All inquiries: jezzicasmith1@gmail.com




All opinions are my own.

Let’s Connect! 

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      Diana! How happy I am to wake up to a comment from you — I am thrilled to hear that you want to come visit so we can work together! I miss your guts, also – The Liebster Award!? How awesome, I am flatered. Thank you! I love keeping up with your blog too, I was totally not surprised your graphic designer / DIY-ness turned into such.

      Can’t wait to reunite – will totally spread the love.

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